So lets define power as A getting B to do what B would not normally do.

But what if B is always looking for A?

What if that relationship is natural? 

What if, without A, B would do that to themselves?

The power is within B.

derek, i can't post notes on things you write. this isn't a question.

STeve, alright.  This isn’t an answer.  What were you gonna say? 

Fucked up and angry

Take a screwdriver to each one of my teeth, rip them out slowly, see if you can’t beat your time on the next one. 

My birthday is tomorrow.

Calligraphy never came so slow

Eyelids of lead.

Molasses of summer

A slow slow grind leaving all it touches sticky.

I’m growing up.

There are some points on which I can speak with some certainty which is good, as I previously couldn’t boast of such. 

1. I’m not gonna die of liver failure. 

2. I will not end up in a trailer

3. I will not end up a garfield minus garfield panel.

4. it’s the fourth of july.

-Derek qxqxqxqxqxqxqxqxqxqxq

Are you going to have the baby and condemn it to the world’s fair? 

You’re no van-dweller, how can you function with it around? 

Leaving it at the convent’s door, leaving it with wolves.

It’s its decision. 

Disjointed and angular

Adjective and adjective

Small and Irregular

It’s all too aware

Your place is not here, amongst the reeds

and don’t be frightened

learn to let go

If you’re gonna do something big, do it.

Don’t waste your time, it deserves better.

Liver out the nose

preserved by monosaccharides, ensconced in yearning

"I liked his sounds but not his poverty"

duty never looked this unbearable

I wish PFFR had a twitter.  I wish I could talk to them.  I wish I could get advice from the people I look up to and not hacky-ass comedians.